Risk Analysis & Hazards Identification

Gadusa can perform risk analysis & hazards identification to identify and document all personally identifiable information repositories, identify and document potential threats and vulnerabilities, assess current security measures, determine the likeliness of threat occurrence, determine the potential impact of threat occurrence, determine the level of risk, determine additional security measures needed to lower the level of risk and document the findings of the risk analysis.

Working with the business owner and key leadership our team identifies and documents existing configurations and security operations, along with a high-level review of policy and procedure. Based on parameters defined by your business, Gadusa performs a vulnerability scan of your enviroment.

Based on the analysis, we will create a detailed work plan to easily track your remediation / mitigation progress. We work with your team to determine priorities based on the analysis, your risk tolerance, business priorities, and resources to create a roadmap that is the best investment for your business.

Gadusa Security also offers managed security services that provide ongoing protection, monitoring, alerting and incident response. These services can help you to continue your path to a more secure environment.


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